How to Benefit from Section 179 Tax Incentives

Investing in Equipment Now Can Payoff in Big Tax Savings

•     For buying or leasing equipment, $1 buyout leases qualify
•     Application Only Fast Track Finance Program for up to $500,000
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$1,160,000 Write-off

The Section 179 tax deduction allows small manufacturing companies to deduct the first $1,160,000 of equipment purchased from their taxable income. For companies purchasing (or leasing – with a $1.00 Purchase Option Lease)  up to $2,890,000 of equipment, this deduction is available in full. The deduction phases out dollar-for-dollar from $2,890,000 to $4,050,000 and is not available for companies purchasing over $4,050,000.

80% Bonus Depreciation

The Law also allows 80% “Bonus Depreciation” on equipment placed in service during the year for which you are filing. This 80% “Bonus Depreciation” can be taken on new or used equipment. Note, you should always consult your accountant prior to making any purchase based on tax consequences.

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